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Supporting a life without limitations

At Levara, we design innovative mobility aids, that lets you life your life on your own terms.

Follow us in our development process

Velkommen til!

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Father and Son
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Product highlight

Toilet visits without hassle

We are developing the worlds first transportable toilet lift, that can assist the person from a seated position after using the toilet - also outside of the home

Welfare technology for self-help

In 3 easy steps, the person can attend any toilet

1: Place the toilet lift on any given toilet

2: The person is assisted to an upright position after use

3: The product can be folded and stored in a carry-bag

Product testimonial

"One of the main issues that caused him/us a great deal of stress was having to constantly ask for help with the most simplest tasks, like going to the bathroom. I am positive such an invention would have eased so much of his anxiety and would have improved the quality of his daily life. It’s these little things that people who are suffering are truly grateful for."

Our mission in Levara 

Image by Christian Wiediger

Enabling meaningful experiences

In Denmark alone, more than 200.000 persons are living with a mobility handicap. Many experience that everyday routines are becoming increasingly challenging, and that favorite activities and hobbies are becoming inaccessible. 

We are developing product intended to reclaim quality of life, and enable a life full of experiences - without being hindered by a handicap


Jens, age 75, can go on holiday without worries

Jens uses a regular toilet lift in his own home. With our product, he can receive the same assistance outside of the home with a product that easily fits in the carry-on bag. 

A Man Reading a Book Outdoors

Our Team

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Philip Tørring

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Michael Degn

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Loui Worm Saust


Tais Thøgersen

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